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Al Sharqiya TV - قناة تلفزيون الشرقية العراق مباشر على النت

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Al Sharqiya TV

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Watch Alsharqiya TV Live Online. Alsharqiya TV is a general television channel from Iraq. Deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, sports, and news, broadcast live from Iraq.
Al Sharqiya ("The Eastern One") is Iraq's first privately owned satellite channel owned by the London-based Iraqi media tycoon Saad al-Bazzaz, A Sunni-Arab Ba'thist from Mosul, a former head of radio and television under the Saddam Hussein regime until he defected in 1992. al-Bazzaz is also the Editor in Chief of the Azzaman newspaper. The station was launched in March 2004 and began regular transmission on 4 May 2004.
Alsharqiya TV streaming on internet, and free. now has been gaining a growing audience with its mixture of popular current affairs, satire and comedy shows poking fun at the new Iraq.
The satellite channel with the greatest reach in Iraq, according to a June Ipsos-Stat poll, is the Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya with 41 percent reach, followed by private Iraqi satellite channel Al Sharqiya at 40 percent.
Sharqiya's director says his current staff of 100 hopes to capture a wide audience by using political comedy and the kind of impartial news coverage unheard of during decades of rule by ousted head of state Saddam Hussein. However the TV station referred to Iraqis killed in terrorist attacks as "deceased" rather than "martyred up until 2006, inferring that the terrorist attacks were not an attack on the people of Iraq. The TV station also specialises in sectarian (Sunni-Arab) satirical and drama shows including "al Hawasim" and others whilst never in its five year history mentioning the Mass Graves of Saddam Hussain. They also refer to the 1991 popular uprising as "acts of sabotage", further illustrating their unrepentant Ba'thist Sunni-Arab supremacist credentials.
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