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Watch Crossfirebah TV Live Online. Crossfirebah TV - UK: Is a television channel streaming online on internet and free from United Kingdom. 

Crossfire is a current events panel program airing live via streaming video on the internet. The show challenges the established view of politics and government, provides insight into our fundamental problems, while creating an outlet for solutions to be addressed.Location: Via Cafe; Woods Rogers Walk Downtown Nassau on Mondays.Time: 8:00 pm EST (Note: Studio audience have an opportunity to interact with the panel at 10:00pm to present their questions and concerns) Panelists:La Tore' Mackey (Liberal Politician) Erica Watkings-Laing (Independent/Historian) Dwight Jones (Youth Coordinator/Activist)Patrick Fritz (Liberal Pundit) Celi Moss (Independent/Filmaker/Activist) Cecil Newry (Liberal Pundit)Special Recurring Guests:Zuri Beckford (Liberal Pundit) Bryan Evans (Recording Artist)K. Renaldo Collie (Liberal Pundit)C. Colin Edgecombe (IT Specialist/Programmer)Kristopher Gray (Conservative Nationalist) Lashandia Gray (Conservative Nationalist) Tyronne Forbes (Investment Banker)Renward Wells (Mechanical Engineer)Patrick Terrence Robinson (Photographer)International Guest Pundits (Skype Call In):Kurt Orlando Patterson (Jamaica)Sue Comrie (United Kingdom)Contact: If you would like to appear on the show. LaTore Mackey (Moderator) Bryan Evans (Director) K. Renaldo Collie (Executive Producer).

If you want to more information about program guide and shows can be found on the Crossfirebah TV website.

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