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Watch Turkish TV Live Online. Turkish TV - Cyprus is a channel television streaming online on internet and free. It is time for Cypriots to solve their problems without foreign interference .... and that must involve withdrawal of the Turkish army of occupation from its sovereign territory. Of course Turkey's military do not like that idea !

July 20th 2011 marks the 37th year anniversary since Turkey invaded and occupied 37% of the island of Cyprus. The year 2010 marked the celebration of the 50th Anniversaty of the Republic of Cyprus which Turkey still refuses to recognise. If only the USA and Britain would use the same rhetoric over Turkey's continuing occupation of Cyprus as they were doing a few years ago in demanding that Russia should respect Georgia's sovereignty, there would not still be a Cyprus problelm! While upgrading the relationship with Turkey, why has the Obama administration not used the words 'withdraw Turkish forces from Cyprus'? The EU had to just repeat at Foreign Policy level in February 2011 that which the February 2010 resolution of the European Parliament called on Turkey to do by beginning to demonstrate NOW, and to practically show how its 'talk' about supporting the reunification talks in Cyprus translates into beginning the withrawal of its Turkish troops and its Turkish settlers as well as giving Famagusta back to its lawful inhabitants! Turkey has of course rejected those suggestions by the EP! Following on from the talks conducted by Dervis Eroglu who had campaigned in his own election for a solution with two states in Cyprus it is difficult to see how actual progress can be made towards a solution during election fever time during 2011 and the next stage in Turkey's EU accession process. The next EU progress report about Turkey will begin to be drafted during autumn, for presentation in December 2011. Turkey's propaganda PR-speak about normalising relations with Armenia have floundered, and the 'Kurdish initiative' has proved equally still-born, so what results are there to demonstrate the effectiveness of Turkey's 'zero-problems with neighbours' policy? It is difficult to see how the Cyprus talks can make progress unless the AKP government takes the brave steps it needs to take to bring its policy for a solution in line with the European Acquis, and to show preparedness to actually compromise in solving the Cyprus problem - as Angela Merkel expressed during her Cyprus visit. Instead it has taken the Turkish Cypriot Unions bringing out nearly half the population of Turcophone Cypriots still left on the island out on General Strike and the 28.01.2011 massive demonstration, and then Erdogan displays his own intransigence over Turkey's "Strategic Interests"!

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